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One of our newest products is a coin operated impulse game. This game has the distinct name “Lucky Lotto Machine”, it will pick Lucky Lotto numbers for people based on statistics of previous draws. All users need to do is deposit their quarter*..More PICS

Visit the official Lucky Lotto Machine website.

What makes this machine different is it will calculate from the top occurring winning lottery numbers and make a ticket for the user that way, as opposed to “quick picks” that are purely random.

The owner of the “Lucky Lotto” machine will be able to update the machine with a small credit card like device known as a smart card to keep the unit filled with the most current lottery numbers, and also configure other various features such as music, tones, counters, type of lottery, etc... This card is inserted into the back of the unit while you collect your More PICSmoney and takes only 2 seconds to update the machine.

The machine measures 11” wide x 10” tall x 10” deep at the extremes and weighs in at 6 pounds, and is constructed mainly of heavy gauge steel. The front panel is protected by a sheet of plexy glass and the graphic panel underneath can be custom designed to meet your requirements.

What makes this a winning machine is for the people who own a few of them to be able to simply place them around a city or town is a very easy job.... there is a lotto counter in every store just begging to have one located there, and once a month it would mean going out and simply collecting all your quarters!

If you are interested in the Lucky Lotto Machine and feel this is a great business opportunity for you please use our online information request form and we can get a color informational package and pricing info sent to you. You may qualify for a reduced cost demo unit, inquire today.

* can be configured for varying amounts to be deposited, stand not included

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