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The Mind Factory can help you integrate MP3 technology into your existing or new designs.

Currently TMF has developed a USB solution able to transfer files at the rate of 10Mbits/s (50-75Mbits/s when USB 2.0 becomes the standard), and allows the MP3 player to mount as a disk drive under WIN98, 2000, ME and XP. This new technology interfaces to an IDE hard drive and can read FAT16/32 file system. Other interfaces available are Compact Flash and the Multimedia Card.

Functions such as playlist, random, volume, eq are all available and the unit has the ability to be controlled by a parallel or serial interface.

Check out our MP3 Module page for more information on available hardware.

So products like trunk mounted MP3 players mimicking CD changers, industrial audio playback and music on hold systems are all possible.

Please contact us for more details on integrating MP3 playback into your designs.

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