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Click here for a larger imageWe are hard at work creating our new MP3 GPS activated player. If you can imagine an automated tour guide that knows exactly where you are and can play audio tracks relating to the locations you are near. Add to that a real time clock and when the user is near restaurants at lunch time you can offer them specials at participating locations.

Two models are in the works, an automotive unit, and also a portable unit shown to the right. The automotive GPS MP3 player also has an optional built in FM transmitter for use in taxi’s for example. The taxi driver can tune into 101.5Mhz for example and the GPS MP3 player can be heard over the cars stereo system.

The perfect market for this device is in a high traffic tourist area. Entrepreneurs could rent out such devices, the city can loan the devices to visitors, or the Tourist and Recreation department of a city can buy them and install them in cabs and rickshaws. The uses are endless.

GPS MP3 Charging RackImages of the device and more specifications will be available soon, if you are interested, please use our contact page to get more information.

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