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Adobe Flash STB (Set Top Box) will utilise Adobe Flash Lite and allow users to view video streams from an Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server in both SD and HD formats. Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server software streams protected, high-quality live and on-demand video. Focused on one-way streaming, Flash Media Streaming Server 3.5 software is the easiest way to step up from progressive download and to start streaming high-quality video to Flash Player, Adobe Media Player, and Adobe Flash Lite software.

Adobe FLash Lite 3 has:

  • FLV support  including H.264, On2 VP6, and Sorenson video codecs
  • A more complete web experience on mobile devices by providing access to content and video created with Adobe Flash
  • Delivery of high-definition video content and rich applications to Internet-connected TVs and TV-connected consumer electronic devices in the digital living room
  • Optimized performance for mobile and digital home devices
  • Object-based extension mechanism for accelerated UI and application design
  • Integrated authoring environment for mobile devices
    Multiplatform support

The Mind Factory is creating a STB that will bring all this to you... and more.



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