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Ok, so you have a second hard drive in your computer that is filled with all of your MP3's and you wished there was some easy way of taking it out of your PC and transferring it to your car, playing them on your home stereo or sharing all your songs with friends.


Now you can do just that with the NEO35


The NEO35 comes with a Head Unit that contains your second hard drive with your MP3 files. It comes with the PC based 5 1/4" docking bay. While the NEO35 head unit is in your PC it acts just like a regular hard drive. When you add the optional Car Rack you can have up to 20,000 songs or around 2000 CD’s with you, in your car at any time. The best part is that when you want to add or remove songs just put the head unit back in your PC and add or delete files as you wish through your OS as you would with any other hard drive.

The NEO35 will automatically scan your hard drive the first time for new files and extract the song title, artist and any other information that is available and display it on the illuminated LCD display Use it as a removable hard drive that you can take with you. That means you can use it as a file transport system between the office and home also.
Just purchase an additional PC docking bay for the additional computer.

With the Car Rack and your Home Stereo you can play music all week long without hearing the same song. Just plug in the optional AC adapter and the included RCA cable into an Auxiliary input in to your stereo amplifier.

Do your friends have a NEO35? Just swap head units and you have just exchanged all your songs with your friends.


  • MP3 Head Unit
  • PC Bay
  • Car Bay
  • Car mounting Kit
  • Infrared Remote
  • Carrying Bag
  • Manual
  • Cables


  • Wired remote LCD with metal case
  • Extra car bay
  • Home docking bay with USB connection

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